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Save Money By Having An Energy Efficient Home


The 21st Century is the era of an eco-friendly, environmentally conscious society and Evergreen Energy Services is here to meet those needs. We are a professional energy conservation service available to help you save money on energy bills and keep your home comfortable during the cold Washington months.

Key Performance Measurements

We are your #1 source for energy efficiency because of our background in 6 key areas:

  • 25+ years in the construction field
  • Extensive knowledge in building design and restoration
  • 10+ years in the home inspection field
  • Certified Thermographer
  • BPI (building performance inspection) trained 
  • 8 years in the auditing field 



  • Site Inspection
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing
  • Blower Door Assisted Air Infiltration Testing and Leakage Identification
  • Thermal Imaging Assisted Thermal Boundry Inspection 
  • Mechanical Equipment Evaluation
  • Detailed Reporting

Walk Through Energy Audit

Everything that comes with a Home Energy Audit but without the report. Clients are welcome to take there own notes and pictures for documentation

Inspection Descriptions

Blower Door Testing:

In the blower door test, we seal off the house, set up a special blower door an one of the homes exterior doors and depressurize the house. Once the house is depressurized, all the drafts will become obvious and we will be able to determine where you are losing heat and energy from your home.

Duct Pressure Testing

If any of your ducting is run outside the pressure boundary of your home there is the potential for energy loss if the ducts are loose, disconnected, or not sealed and insulated correctly. A duct pressure test can be used to identify any deficiencies by pressurizing the ductwork to realize any problems.

Infrared Imaging:

Used in conjunction with the Blower Door Testing, the Infrared or "thermal" imaging camera will allow I to further identify discretions in your homes thermal barrier, such as gaps in the insulation in ceilings and walls, lack of sealing around ceiling penetrations and inefficiencies in windows and door barriers. This will aid I in presenting an accurate report and possible solutions to making your home more efficient.

Combustible Gas Safety Test:

A test that will be preformed on all gas appliances in your home to ensure they are working efficiently, drafting well, not leaking and are all around safe. It can be inefficient and very dangerous if your gas appliances combustion is not venting to the outside properly or are leaking at any of the fittings. Our main focus in this process is your safety.

Detailed report:

Once we have gathered all the data from the above process it will be compiled in a detailed report which will be received within 3-5 days. This report will include:

  • Findings from visual inspection
  • Details on improvement areas
  • Site-specific Infiltration problems
  • Infrared images and pictures of problem areas for identification
  • Prioritized instructions and suggestions for sealing, replacement and retrofitting