Attic and Crawl

Today I did an inspection on a home that looked great and all appearances suggested it was in above average condition. However, When I entered the attic I found rodent infestation and a leak around the skylight. In the crawl space I found a non-functional sump pump, standing water and mildew/mold growth on building components as a result.

As a reminder, this is a good time of year to peek your head into the attic and crawl just to have a check especially after heavy rains. Just opening the hatch can sometimes alert you to a problem such as musty ammonia (from rodents) smells or the sound of dripping indicating a leak. I recommend checking you crawl space and attic at least twice a year even if its only sticking your head in.

You may also benefit from an annual or semi annual check up of your home with a qualified home inspector such as myself for the best information as to what may need maintaining around the home.